Goree Whitening Soap


Sales: 1 Piece of  Goree soap

Model: Whitening Original Soap

Quantity: 100grams

Organic: Natural

Feature: Herbal

SPF: 30

Ideal for: All Gender

Colour: White

Skin Type: Suitable for all Skin Type

Shelf Life: 36months

Application Area: Body and Face



Due to the presence of it is non-toxic, non irritative, with best anti-oxidant properties, so it keeps the skin moisture, white and shine. It can be used on normal, sensitive or pigmented problem skin. Not only whitens the skin it gives a glossy and pinkish teenage look. Soap is the best antioxidant which is stable first time in cream formulation. It gives glossy and shining look to the skin and also plays a significant role in skin nourishment and regeneration of skin cells


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