Our Story

Our Story

Lets Talk About Smc

We are a leading entertainment company in India by the name of VALE ENTERTAINMENT LTD, after the super success of our entertainment company in India with turnover for more than 10 Millions p.a for more than 10 yrs,
We successfully launched our new company i.e. S.M.C TOILETRIES ” The company is Headed by Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain (CMD), an ambitious gentleman by nature and experienced enough in handling projects such as this venture, which he has embarked upon.

The company is in to manufacturing & Distribution of beauty cream, face wash, body lotion, face serum, hair serum, soap, shampoo, conditioner, wet wipes, deodorant, perfumes, air freshener and having its head office in U.K ,we have already Captured International Markets & Successfully distributing our products worldwide from last 11 years.

Vision And Mission

Our aim is to serve the consumer’s needs and to provide the best out of their life

The need & taste of the people changes every day, Looking at those need & taste we always introduce new products in the market. We even try to encourage our people to develop new ideas and put fresh approach always. Our achievement is not only success in a brand but also a giving a best quality to our consumers.

About our Product

Goree Cosmetics is FDA Approved Product which means our product are 100% safe to use

We ensure our each product is clinically tested on sensitive human skin to ensure that it is not allergic

Goree beauty cream is the equally good for all types of skin. and all type of climatic. in this cream No any side effects .

Goree Cosmetic is a natural and Quality  product, Get results in 15days by using goree cosmetic

About Founder

Mr. Vijay kumar jain Successfully started SMC Toiletries (Goree Cosmetic is a part of SMC Toiletries), he is an ambitious gentleman and has experienced enough in handling project such as this venture that is Goree cosmetic and other venture as well.

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